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Pitigliano Farms specializes in development of almonds, pistachios and wine grape vineyards. The family farming operation also can assist in row crop production, permanent crop development, vegetable production, land leveling and commercial farming. A farm management plan can be tailored to your needs and involvement. The company also has licensed pesticide applicators and is well versed in Farm Service Agency (FSA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) program implementation and compliance procedures. At Pitigliano Farms, we treat your acreage like our own, with careful attention to daily operational costs, profitability and sustainability.


Almonds continue to be one of the state’s top crops, with revenue increasing for the fourth consecutive year in 2013 to $5.77 billion. California’s 2013 almond acreage is estimated at 940,000 [...]


From raisin grapes to wine grapes, Pitigliano Farms can assist growers in vineyard plantings, farming and harvesting.


California is the leading producer of citrus in the country. From mandarins and tangerines to valencia and navel oranges, Pitigliano Farms is well versed in citrus orchard management.


California is the number one producer in the world of pistachios, bringing 40 percent of the world’s pistachios to market.

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